Happy Internet Day!

Happy Internet day!

Today, October 29, 2015, is the International Internet day. Internet has brought us all closer together and at the same time further apart. Today we celebrate the anniversary of the first Internet transmission, which happened on October 29, 1969.

Since then, the Internet has changed the way how we do many things: communicate, stay in touch, travel, shop, study, pay our bills, etc. However, for the great minority of the human population — people with disabilities — this crucial invention in human history is still out of reach.

We are used to thinking that technology opens doors and gives the opportunity to talk to friends, read newspapers and magazines, follow latest trends and fads, do business, make travel arrangements, discover interesting events to attend, find romance, and so much more.

But what if the majority of the websites was inaccessible? What if you can’t read the text or see the title of the article? What if websites ignored Web accessibility guidelines? What if webpages didn’t care about navigation, links, alternative text to images and other accessibility features? This would turn surfing of the net from an enjoyable experience into a nightmare. Web accessibility issue is something that you cannot change by buying a better computer or installing newer software. This is currently the situation users with access needs face on a daily basis.

Of course, a lot has been done to increase usability of the Internet, but statistics prove that it’s not enough. There are almost 1 billion websites currently online. Only a very small percentage of these web pages follow basic WCAG Guidelines 2.0. Web accessibility remains one of the most urgent issues of the cyber space.

Growing number of websites

Put yourself in other person’s shoes. What if you couldn’t access the World Wide Web? Check if your website is accessible!


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